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We aim to work with like-mind businesses who are as dedicated to delivering quality coffee to their customers as we are. If you are interested in Faodail Roastery as a main  or guest supplier we would be delighted to hear from you. Please fill in our contact form or email us at


We work closely with leading speciality coffee importers to ethically source sustainable and traceable green beans. Our beans are selected with quality, seasonality and individual flavour profile in mind. We skillfully roast to enhance and develop the unique characteristics and flavours of each coffee.


If you have a favourite origin or flavour profile we are happy to work with you and our trusted coffee suppliers to source exceptional coffees to suit your taste. Want to capture your brand in a blend? We love collaborating to create bespoke blends for our wholesale customers.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to view our current wholesale prices or samples.

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We freshly roast our coffee on a weekly basis and offer flexible delivery depending on your requirements. Our coffee beans are omni-roasted which gives the barista greater flexibility with brewing methods. Whether served as an espresso or pour-over, each cup will be of consistent quality and taste.


Our packaging is 100% recyclable and carbon neutral, however as we are endeavouring to become more sustainable we encourage our wholesale partners to use our ZERO WASTE format. 

We cup every roast to ensure best quality. Cupping helps us develop and maintain the optimal roast profile for each of our coffees. Our wholesale customers are always welcome to join us for a cupping session (it's always good to get a second opinion!)

Get in touch if you  would like to organise a visit to the roastery to see us in action.


From start up to seasoned businesses, we offer a range of ongoing support and training. 

To ensure you get the absolute best from our beans we provide free barista training. Our training is informal but thorough, allowing all staff to gain confidence in everything from brewing methods to equipment calibration and cleaning.

As we have chosen to focus our full efforts on roasting, we are not an equipment distributor. However, with many years in the industry we can provide you with impartial and valuable advice in this area. We can put you in contact with our network of equipment providers, depending on your needs and budget, giving you more choice and flexibility.


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