Monsoon Malabar AA (India)


After harvest these beans are exposed to the humidity of the monsoon winds, resulting in a unique, full bodied, earthy coffee with spicy notes.

  • The story...

    Monsooning coffee beans dates back to coffee farming under British colonial rule, when during the several months that it took to ship green coffee from India to Europe, the humidity and sea winds caused the beans to swell and age. European coffee drinkers enjoyed the bold flavours that resulted from these conditions.


    This coffee was created to replicate the conditions of transporting coffee beans across the sea. To create a ‘monsooned’ crop, natural sun-dried green coffee is stored in open-sided warehouses, which allow moist tropical air from the monsoon winds to blow through the storage area. The beans absorb moisture, lose a degree of their natural acidity and swell to double their original size becoming a pale gold colour.


    Monsoon Malabar is unique to the lush Malabar Coast of India, where it has protected status. The process of monsooning results in an earthy, pungent, low acidity cup.

  • The finer details...

    Farm Various
    Varietal Various
    Processing Monsooned
    Altitude 1,000 to 2,000m above sea level
    Owner Various
    Region Malabar coast