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House Blend (Brazil)
  • House Blend (Brazil)


    A gutsy blend with a complex flavour profile. Milk chocolatey, nutty & a wonderfully versatile house espresso staple.

    • The story...

      The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) was founded in 1991, bringing together the best coffee farmers and co-operatives within the Minas Gerais region of Southeast Brazil. The Minas Gerais region has a long tradition in quality coffee production due to its high altitude, rich soils and ideal climate.


      In 2011, the area was recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) region due to its tradition and worldwide reputation for producing specialty coffees with a highly-differentiated sensory profile. Each year the BSCA offers a blend showcasing the finest coffees of its member farms. This blend is created by a team of the BSCA’s professional cuppers, carefully mixed to enhance body, aroma and natural sweetness.


      Crafted to be versatile, this coffee stands alone black but carries milk beautifully. It’s the ultimate crowd pleaser.

    • The finer details...

      Farm Various
      Varietal Various
      Processing  Natural & pulped natural
      Altitude 930 to 1,150m above sea level
      Owner BSCA member farms
      Region Minas Gerais


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