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Finca Medina Natural (Guatemala)

Finca Medina Natural (Guatemala)


This is a naturally processed Bourbon lot from Guatemala's Finca Medina in the Antigua Region. Expect a delicious tropical fruit complexity, tangerine acidity & a butterscotch sweetness! 

  • The story...

    Finca Medina is situated in the foothills of Antigua’s majestic Agua Volcano. Antigua is a region world famous for speciality coffee cultivation thanks to the mineral content of its volcanic soil, high altitude and consistent rainfall patterns. Established in 1842, Medina combines a rich agricultural tradition with a forward-thinking ethos, based on modern processing and sustainable practices.


    Finca Medina makes a highly anticipated return to our roastery this year with this special award-winning coffee. This naturally processed lot is an Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) “One of a Kind” award winner! Launched to showcase innovative nano and micro lots, the “One of a Kind” programme helps introduce smaller and unique producers to the world. It is exciting to see the team at Finca Medina being recognised for their dedication and expertise at the highest level.


    We are proud to have sourced this coffee in collaboration with Javier, founder of Caribbean Goods. Javier is a Guatemalan born and now Glasgow based coffee importer with an overwhelming passion for and knowledge of coffee. To Javier (and us) Guatemalan coffee is more than a commodity, more than a delicious drink. It is a way of life and an opportunity to support farms like Finca Medina and their surrounding communities.

  • The finer details...



    Finca Medina






    1,650 meters above sea level


    Rodriguez Minondo family


    San Lorenzo el Cubo, Antigua

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