Serra do Cabral (Brazil)
  • Serra do Cabral (Brazil)


    Pulped natural red & yellow Catuai. Notes of chocolate, hazelnut and a cherry-like acidity.

    • The story...

      The Flanzer family have single handedly put Serra do Cabral on the map as a new and exciting speciality coffee origin. Although new kids on the block, the quality of their coffee speaks for itself as proven by their copious prizes at the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition.


      Ecoagricola grows only the highest grade coffee varietals and has embarked on a quality driven project for harvesting with one of the world’s leading coffee researchers, Professor Broém. The brothers place ecological preservation at the heart of their business, which is certified by the Rainforest Alliance.


      The Reserva da Borralha, which surrounds the farm, boasts 2,000 hectares completely untouched by man and rich with biodiversity. The success of this dedication to ecological preservation is shown by the return of the rare Concolor Puma to roam the area. To celebrate this, the puma’s face is emblazoned on Ecoagricola coffee sacks.

    • The finer details...


      Ecoagricola Serra do Cabral


      Red & Yellow Catuai

      Processing  Pulped Natural
      Altitude 1,100 metres above sea level
      Owner Ecoagrícola Café Ltda. (Marcelo & Roberto Flanzer)

      Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais