Rio Brilhante Double Ferment (Brazil)
  • Rio Brilhante Double Ferment (Brazil)


    An experimental fermentation process of the Aramosa varietal has delivered this deeply complex coffee, bursting with tropical fruit.

    • The story...

      Since planting his first coffee trees over 30 years ago, Inacio Carlos Urban has transformed Rio Brilhante into one of the most respected farms in the region, through rigorous quality control methods and innovative practices.

      Rio Brilhante translates as ‘bright river’ in honour of the clear crystal water that provides life to his farm, originating from the underwater reservoir ‘Guarani Aquifer’ located underneath the Cerrado region. As illustrated by its protected designation oforigin status, the Cerrado region is a special place to grow coffee due to the perfect combination of climate, soil, terrain and of course expertise of the coffee farmers themselves.


      This lot consists of 100% Aramosa, an interesting hybrid of Arabica typica and Racemosa varietals, well known for delivering excellent cup quality. A programme of experimental fermentation resulted in this coffee undergoing a double fermentation process; both aerobic and anaerobic. This experiment was a resounding success, producing an outstanding cup full of complexity and bursting with tropical fruit.


      Rio Brilhante prides itself in not only providing employment for the local community but also investing in their education via social initiatives like the Seeds of Change Project, where employees and their families learn reading, writing and numeracy skills to help further their prospects.

    • The finer details...


      Rio Brilhante


      100% Aramosa


      Double Ferment Natural


      1050 meters above sea level


      Inacio Carlos Urban