Nueva Esperanza Mountain Water Decaf (Mexico)
  • Nueva Esperanza Mountain Water Decaf (Mexico)


    Organically decaffeinated at source using fresh mountain water. Notes of Toffee, Cinnamon & Marzipan.

    • The story...

      Translating as ‘New Hope’ Nueva Esperanza was purchased by the Moreno family in 1960 who continue to cultivate the land to this day. The farm is situated in the Chiapas region, famous for growing the highest quality beans in Mexico. While Mexican coffee is known for its lighter body and subtle flavours, beans grown in this region rival the complexity and sweetness of their Guatemalan neighbours due to its unique microclimate, high altitude and rich volcanic soil.


      Finca Nueva Esperanza is renowned for its excellence, often held as an example of ‘best practices’ for specialty coffee in Mexico, especially as an organic producer. Each perfectly red cherry is selectively harvested by hand and the farm is free from added pesticides or fertilisers, with old cherry pulp used to rejuvenate the soil. This organic philosophy importantly extends to their unique decaffeination process.


      The clearest and freshest water from the highest mountain in Mexico, Pico de Orizaba, is gently washed over the green beans to remove the caffeine. This natural and organically certified decaffeination process ensures the complex flavour profile of this beautiful coffee stays intact whilst removing over 99.9% caffeine from the beans.

    • The finer details...


      Nueva Esperanza


      Typica, Catuai, Red & Yellow Caturra,

      Red & Yellow Bourbon


      Fully Washed


      1201 - 1500m above sea level


      Alan Greene Moreno