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Grapos Decaf (Mexico)
  • Grapos Decaf (Mexico)


    A coating, creamy texture & citrus acidity.  With delicious notes of caramel & raisin. 

    • The story...

      Mexico is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world and one of the foremost exporters of certified coffee (both organic and fairtrade), but there is a lack of speciality grade production. In recent years, however, producers have formed collectives to rectify this. Many regions, including Chiapas, have the potential to produce exceptional speciality lots due to their high altitudes, agreeable climates and rich coffee-farming heritage.


      GRAPOS is an organisation dedicated to helping smallholder farmers improve the way they grow, harvest, deliver, process and sell their cherries. Based in El Porvenir, translating as ‘the future’, GRAPOS and associated coffee growers are indeed working together towards a new wave of speciality coffee emerging from the region. In addition to growing high quality coffee, all smallholders are dedicated to an organic philosophy and ecosystem preservation of the nearby Triunfo Biosphere Reserve.


      Use of a natural and gentle carbon dioxide/water decaffeination process ensures the complex flavour profile of this beautiful coffee stays intact whilst removing over 99.9% caffeine from the beans. The by-products of this process are 100% natural and recyclable.

    • The finer details...




      Bourbon & Typica


      CO2 decaffeinated


      700 to 1600 meters above sea level






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