La Providencia Black Honey (El Salvador)
  • La Providencia Black Honey (El Salvador)


    Black Honey processed 100% Caturra. A thick, syrupy body & a rose- like sweetness.

    • The story...

      Finca La Providencia is owned and run by fourth generation coffee producers Fernando Alfaro and Jose Enrique Gutierrez. The farm occupies 70 hectares bordering the stunning and dramatic Parque Nacional El Imposible, home to an extraordinary variety of plant and animal life.


      Despite El Salvador being the smallest of the Central American nations, it stands as a coffee powerhouse, producing exceptional coffees to a consistently high standard due to ideal climate, pristine terrain and the extensive knowledge of cultivators like Fernando and Jose.


      La Providencia has its own wet mill facility allowing the farm to experiment with different processing techniques such as the honey method. Prior to drying on parijuelas (raised beds), honey processing involves the removal of the cherry’s skin whilst leaving intact varying degrees of flesh known as mucilage. The type of honey (yellow, red, black etc) is defined by the amount of mucilage left on the bean. The darker the honey, the more work is involved. In the case of black honey, all the mucilage is left attached which requires constant monitoring throughout the process. However, it is certainly worth the extra effort as the end result delivers a phenomenally fruity, sweet and fullbodied cup.

    • The finer details...


      Finca La Providencia


      100% Caturra

      Processing  Black Honey
      Altitude 1,100 to 1,300 meters above sea level
      Owner Fernando Alfaro & Jose Enrique Gutierrez

      Cordillera Apaneca and Illamatepec