Guji Uraga Gomoro G1 (Ethiopia)
  • Guji Uraga Gomoro G1 (Ethiopia)


    An exquisite example of naturally processed Ethiopean coffee. Sweet, bright and delicately scented with a floral aroma. 

    • The story...

      After spending too long in the shadow of its neighbours Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, Guji has deservedly become an officially recognised coffee area in recent years. A combination of fertile deep red earth, high altitude slopes, unique indigenous heirloom varietals and an ancient coffee cultivating culture all contribute to the region producing some of the most exciting and characterful coffees in the world.


      This exceptional coffee was grown by smallholder farmers from the Guji zone in the Oromia Region then dry milled and exported by Primrose, PLC. The region’s highlands are dotted with farms growing ‘garden coffee’, approximately a hectare of coffee interspersed with other cash crops such as false banana trees. Farmers selectively hand-pick their coffee cherries, delivering them within the same day to the mill where they are always paid above market price per kg for high quality cherry.


      To help boost and secure Ethiopia’s coffee growing sector for future generations within areas like Guji, the Ethiopian government and the EU introduced a €15 million five-year program in 2019. The project focuses on tackling; food security and health for vulnerable populations, improving farmer access to credit, technical assistance, strengthening market channels and climate change mitigation.

    • The finer details...


      Finca El Durazno


      Local Landraces

      & JARC 74 selections

      Processing  Natural
      Altitude 2,200 to 2,300 metres above sea level
      Owner Various smallholder farmers
      Region Southern Nations, Oromia, Guji