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Finca Los Nogales (Colombia)
  • Finca Los Nogales (Colombia)


    A fully washed Colombian with juicy peach notes and a sweet buttery caramel finish. 

    • The story...

      Thanks to Colombia’s ideal growing conditions and rich agricultural heritage, it is the third largest coffee-producing country in the world. You may imagine such a vast volume of coffee being farmed by large estates with many acres of coffee trees, however the majority of this production comes from small family run farms like Finca Los Nogales.


      Los Nogales, which translates as the walnut tree, was founded by Maria Rosa using her savings from running a shop in the nearby town of San Antonio. After decades of cultivating coffee Doña Maria shows no signs of slowing down. Every day, at the age of 58, she traverses the mountain to organise and oversee cherry picking and processing. This focus on quality allows Los Nogales to produce exceptional coffee year on year. Maria has also inspired her children to follow in her footsteps with each of them becoming renowned coffee growers in their own right.


      A partnership with exporter Pergamino enables Maria, along with other coffee producers in the region, to access quality control, logistics and access to the worldwide speciality coffee market. Working in this way guarantees excellent quality coffee and importantly ensures fair and stable prices for farmers. The goal of Pergamino is to demonstrate that coffee cultivation is a noble and profitable business. With the average age of the Colombian coffee farmer being 55 years old, they want to ensure the next generation of growers stay on their farms to continue the legacy of great Colombian coffee.

    • The finer details...


      Finca Los Nogales




      Fully Washed


      2000 meters above sea level        


      Maria Rosa Oidor


      Inza, Cauca

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