Finca El Durazno (Guatemala)
  • Finca El Durazno (Guatemala)


    A beautiful fully washed bourbon from Guatemala's Nuevo Oriente region. Richly sweet, juicy & eminently drinkable.

    • The story...

      The Ventura Family are true coffee pioneers, expertly growing coffee for over five generations. Wanting to expand their operation they looked further East to the Nuevo Oriente region and bought Finca El Durazno in 2012. Originally used for forestry, the family possessed the vision and expertise to transform the land into a successful speciality coffee farm.


      Growing coffee in this unique microclimate on the mineral rich volcanic soil can be challenging but it is altogether worth the effort. The slow growing cherries are much richer in flavour and produce an exceptional cup.


      This outstanding coffee was sourced in collaboration with Javier, founder of Caribbean Goods. Javier is a Guatemalan born and now Glasgow based coffee importer with an overwhelming passion for and knowledge of coffee. To Javier (and us) Guatemalan coffee is more than a commodity, more than a delicious drink. It is a way of life and an opportunity to support farmers like the Ventura family and their surrounding communities.

    • The finer details...


      Finca El Durazno



      Processing  Fully washed
      Altitude 1500-1700 metres above sea level
      Owner Ventura family
      Region Nuevo Oriente