CRI - Rukera AB (Kenya)
  • CRI - Rukera AB (Kenya)


    Kenyan coffee at its very finest.  Full bodied, winey, and lip-smackingly characterful.

    • The story...

      This supremely elegant coffee hails from the historic Rukera Farm, owned and operated by the world-famous Kenyan Coffee Research Institute. The CRI’s principal objective is to contribute to the growth and development of the coffee industry in Kenya through scientific research and education programmes.


      An early claim to fame is its development of the SL (‘Scott Laboratory’) 28 and SL34, Bourbon varietals that lend Kenyan coffee beans the distinctive big body and winey blackcurrant notes for which it is famed.


      In addition to being at the forefront of coffee research, the Institute produces some of the finest coffee on offer from Kenya today. Rukera acts as a ‘demonstration’ farm, showcasing absolute best practice in cultivation and processing to visiting farmers from around the country. The top-quality coffee grown here is then sold to generate revenue to support the research arm of the Institute. Since coffee production in Kenya is increasingly threatened by urbanisation and climate change, the work of the CRI has become more important than ever. In purchasing this coffee, you are doing your part to ensure the continued success of Kenyan coffee farmers and their communities.

    • The finer details...

      Farm Rukera Farm

      SL28, SL34, K7, Ruiru 11 & Batian

      Processing  Fully washed & dried on African beds

      1,500 to 1,600 metres above sea level


      Kenya Coffee Resarch Institute


      Kiambu Count