Dos Santos El Regalito Decaf (Guatemala)

Dos Santos El Regalito Decaf (Guatemala)


Bourbon & Caturra, fully washed and dried, then gently decaffeinated, ensuring that the complex flavour profile of these beans remains intact. With notes of honey, citrus & nougat.

  • The story...

    Finca El Regalito is located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, where the rich soil and unique microclimate results in some of Guatemala’s most complex and juicy coffees. After growing up on the family plantation and learning the art of coffee production from his grandfather Pedro and father Jancinto, Arturo Villatoro acquired his own farm over 20 years ago and has dedicated his life to producing quality beans ever since.


    Growing coffee at altitude in
    such a rugged and remote area requires El Regalito to be entirely self-sufficient, with its own wet mill and mechanical dryer, operated
    by Arturo’s family. Coffee cherries are carefully picked according to quality, separated by density and fermented for 36 hours, before being washed and prepared for drying. Arturo sees running his farm with his family to be a blessing, hence the name El Regalito which translates as ‘The little gift’.


    The use of a natural and
    gentle carbon dioxide/water decaffeination process ensures that all of Arturo’s work to grow coffee beans with such a complex flavour profile is not wasted. The multitude of flavours and aromatic compounds in this beautiful coffee remain intact, whilst over 99.9%
    of caffeine is removed from the beans.

  • The finer details...


    Finca El Regalito

    Varietal Bourbon & Caturra

    Fully washed & CO2 decaffeinated


    1,370 metres above sea level

    Owner Arturo Villatoro